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How many times have you been called a “gamer” because your friends or parents found you play games on your phone? Your mother did not tell you that everything bad that happens is because you play continuously on your phone? Well, prepare yourself mentally for the discussions that your parents want to have with you because you will not be able to drop your phone – it appeared a new strategy game called Royal Clash.

It is a mobile strategy game that was released by Supercell , a video game company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For IOS platforms, the release date of the game was January 4, 2016 and for those of Android on 16 February.

This strategy game in real time is fun you do not want to pause. Players are required to collect and update maps for different powers. These cards are based on the characters that are drawn from the universe Clash of Clans. Being unique, the cards have the power to destroy the towers of the opponent, which makes players want to collect more of them. Given their statistics, maps are classified into three types – common, rare and epic. The town is the most readily available and cheapest, while rare cards cost more and are harder to find. However, the most valuable are the epic cards are very difficult to find. What is good about these cards is that even if you give them to your clan mates, you get rewarded. This looks a bit like karma, you know? You do good, you receive good. In addition, you are also given gold and XP, that helps you to higher levels, build your tower stronger crown, to start battles and purchase cards.

The Clash Royal cheating seems much to Clash of Clans, which is why the players are asked if this is the Clash of Clans 2. To say things as they are, this statement is totally false, because they are designed separately and are developed as sets separated by two different teams. There is nothing like the developers working in teams, despite the fact that few members of Clash Royale Gems Cheat were also members of the Clash of Clans game club. It has recently been some improvements, but more important is that the vulgarity of language and bad attitude can be rejected. We must send a screenshot with rude comments, a player has left your Chat Clan and their profile page. I bet you know that there are in the right corner a button labeled “Settings”, where you select “Help and Support” and voila! Give it some time trying for a play without trouble.

When it comes to the specifics of the game, it is worth mentioning the magical objects, the arenas, the bridge of the battle trophies, training camp and recent improvements – notifications of the game now appear in the pop-ups to let you do your work while keeping an eye on the game, more bugs and problems have been repaired and death caused is now displayed on the map information screens for the ball, the Golem and the giant skeleton due to feedback from players. Backspace to magic objects – one of them is the mirror, which can be unlocked at Arena 5 and has the power to repeat your last card played. Not only copy the strength of the cards, but it can also create reflections that can be even stronger than the original. Constantly upgrading the mirror, it will become more powerful, allowing you to easily defeat your opponent. This puts your mind to try is the bridge of the battle, because you have to choose eight cards of different status of your collection and the fight against them. If you do not want to lose and be humiliated, you should take your time to consider options and choose wisely. The place where you fight against other players is called Arena. Right now, there are six different arenas and a training camp. True to its name, the Training Camp is where you can polish your skills before deciding to fight a battle in an arena. Thinking about it, you can say that this is the point where the road to victory. Although you can get used with new decks and hone your skills by fighting in the training camp, you win or lose resources or experiences. It’s a good or a bad thing? It depends on whether you choose to look on the bright side of things. Some might think it’s a waste of time playing without winning trophies, gold and XP to level up, while others see this as an advantage – they can learn new techniques to easily win a battle without losing something. Which of these people are you? You look on the positive side of life or to focus only on the negative part? You must think, because it is not just about the game, it comes to your daily life. Everything depends on your attitude to the meeting, which may appear on your way to success. How do you treat them? With indifference or bravery?

You may be wondering why I talk about topics that are Clash Royal trick , but think for a moment. Just take a break and contemplate – nothing is good or bad events; That’s just the way you see things. Our life consists of hundreds of small parts that stick to form a whole shape and is this game a parallel can be made between them. Clash Royale Gems hack Android and iOS and our daily lives – in the game, there is a Camp drive in which you can try and learn new techniques, which can be compared to teens when he must face tiny problems and also accumulate experience for future obstacles that must be overcome. Similarly, the arena could be a resemblance of adult life, where we need to make important decisions and smart repair options just for our staff and development. Back to Royal Clash, you can choose between barbarian bowl Goblin Stadium, OS Pit, fate Valley, Royal Arena and Playhouse PEKKA as the arena where you want to carry the battle. The only way you can progress through the arenas is winning trophies. They are calculated taking into account the differences between the amounts of trophies, you and your opponent have, because if you win against a player who has the most trophies you, you are given with a large amount, but if you lose against an enemy with less Trophies, you will lose more.

While you fight in the arena, you gain experience, which helps you level up faster. This is very important because each level brings more and more damage to the towers of your enemies. If you do not have enough experience points, you can win by updating your cards or giving them to members of your clan. But if suddenly you run out of cards, do not worry – every eight hours you can apply for them and be given ten towns or only a rare card card.Given the fact that you want to donate some cards to members of your clan, I have to announce that you will be able to only give up two cards at once.Speaking of clans, each is able to join or create one, but only if they are at least at level 3. The moment you see that you have reached this level – frankly speaking, the moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you started the game – click the Clan tab. Here you can choose between creating a clan and the search for an existing one. Assuming you have found a clan suitable for you and after spending some time you want to leave for one reason or another. You must be aware that you will not be able to immediately join another clan, because the system needs time to recognize the changes. Yet it is the alternative you were a clan hunted because you have done wrong or did not obey the rules imposed by the masterpiece you can not reach it or join another clan without receiving a special invitation the creator of this clan. To get this kind of invitation, you must send an invitation request, which is available only at a time. However, if you are sent an invitation from the head of the clan, you are able to immediately join the clan. Skip the clan points are calculated by weight – the first members are the determining factor in deciding the overall score of clan – trophies count the first 10 members over 50% of the final grade, the following 10 values near 25% and the remaining members are virtually ignored. What I found a bit odd is that if a clan is made up of strong and weak players and strengths are above, it has a high score. To tell the truth, it took me some time to understand how it happens. It matters little that clan are weak players in the lower grades, as in ten or twenty, they are very powerful. It’s strange, is not it?

In Clash Royal cheating there are three main types of chests. Here is another complicated thing – you get a free safe every four hours, but you can store only two at a time. I guess you are wondering why they should be taken. Well, they activate the countdown to the next free chest. The answer took you by surprise, did not it? Assuming you earn at least ten crowns in multiplayer battles, every day at the same time, you will be offered maps, gems, and free loot. Yet there is one type of chests that is very complex: it’s called the treasure chest. It comes in three varieties – breast of silver, gold and magic – and it can be purchased using gems. Or, if you are a lucky player, you can wait until you are rewarded these chests in the final of a battle won. In addition, you can organize tournaments that last for about three minutes. However, there are certain rules that must be taken into account before participating in a tournament. Among them, the most important of them is as friendly battles are now using all new “tournaments Standards” level caps, 8 rounds, King and Crown, rare cards 6, 8 common cards and 3 Epic cards. The main reason why the final three were chosen is that it would take almost three months to play for free in order to obtain the quantity of cards required. For a player, it’s time to get a good understanding of the game and make a wise decision – they are ready to enter the Kingdom of competitive and non tournaments. Why is this an important choice? Because the cards, gold and precious stones are purchased with real money. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of Clash Royale, because you can play freely before deciding if it is worth buying game currency for real money or not. Each zone is as accessible as you level up, offering a first class experience. Payment is made via the in-game store, which is great because they are processed exclusively through Google Play and iTunes Store to offer customers maximum protection and the protection of their personal and financial information.

Royal Clash Hack

The Clash hack Royale offers two forms of currency – gold and precious stones. Gems can be used to purchase gold and chests and sometimes can be won in small amounts through the Crown and achievements achievements in the game. Or you can buy the application if you are ready to use ‘real world money. For the merchandise of gamers, there are several moyensde payment, which differ for IOS and Android. While IOS accept credit cards, PayPal, ClickandBuy, PayEase, content codes, iTunes cards or gift certificates iTunes Store, Android only slightly – accepts PayPal, credit cards, carrier direct billing and prepaid or gift cards because it depends entirely on Google Play to treat all purchases made through the shop in. Similarly, gold can be earned by making a card donation to members of your clan or opening chests and used to update the cards at higher levels. You can buy gold with random cards in the game shop, subject to one condition: only one card of each type. But do not despair! On Sunday, there is a special offer that gives you the opportunity to purchase six Auprix three cards. Is not that great?Check it out here: How to get free gems on clash royale

Do not you think that’s all? You totally wrong. There are even more features that Clash Royal tricks  clash as one of the most popular strategy games.Players have a wide range of options, unlocking new arenas to challenge other players online and engaged in private duels. When you choose your opponents, you must be aware that you can defeat or not, because every victory leads to more cards, trophies and glory, but if you do not win the battle, you will not only make your clan shame, but you will also lose more. Similarly, there is the possibility to challenge your clan members in a friendly duel, although there is no advantage given – it is only a source of pleasure, because you will not get n ‘ any trophy, gold or precious stones.What you win is definitely the humiliation of your clan, no matter which of you both lose. Ironically, before the game has been upgraded, you had to pay for friendly battles, but due to feedback from players, they do not cost anything.

If you are in two minds about whether or not you need to choose your opponent in a duel, you can try the buddy system, because it finds a suitable enemy for you. What “fit” in their opinion? A player who has a similar level of trophy as yours. You can consider it a blessing – or curse – the amount of cards each player has is not taken intoaccount. The buddy system does its best to find the best opponent, but sometimes there will be someone who will have a greater amount of trophies as yours. It is not a bad thing at all, because the trophy more to a player who loses, the more trophies you win.What I consider a considerable improvement of the game is the fact that the cost of the battle has been removed and you no longer have to spend you gold on any kind of battles. Of course, all good things brings with it bad and so is this case – and one you do not pay for the battles, but enrevanche you are given a little less gold.

There have been many questions raised, but the top one spoke Royale TV. What and why every player wants to appear there? Well, this is a list of the best battles of top players. And why is it so important? Because they are read to help you learn new techniquesque you can use in your future battles as to keep updated with the latest stratégiesqui can come in hand together. This list is constantly updated with the nouveauxreplays so your game quality can be improved. Another important issue was the troops. Most of us are wondering what is happening with our troops, once they have been deployed.Well, units attack themselves without your control, because Clash Royal trick exigeplacement perfectly timed and strategic troops. They will proceed according to their capabilities andmixtures targets will check every card to be aware of their place combatet will organize appropriate uneplate platform for you.

For your game to be better, I’ll give you some tips. First, you must collect cards, level up straight and powerful troops, raise your sword, fight and defend your towers. Also, you should try different combinations to show your skills on the bridge, and then choose the most appropriate combo for you.Another suggestion I would give is to attack your enemy on one side to put her full pressure it more easily overcome. When you`ll defense, deploy as many units as you can and try to get three perfectly balanced troops – it is better to be breaker wall, giant musketeer. First, you are not supposed to upgrade your units; you must focus your attention on del’expérimentation strategies and upgrade your cards.

To top it off, I hope my tips would be helpful for you. I recommend you play Clash Royal trick , because it is an interesting game that suits every personality. Despite the fact that it is very fun, you also develop your skills in strategy and some tricks learned in the game can be useful in real life and could help you overcome obstacles that appear in your way to success . But keep in mind that this estaddictif game, and you will not be able to give it up as easily as you think.