School Of Dragons Tips and Cheats For Android and iOS

school of dragons tips and tricks


To the animationsuit “dragon taming easy made” by Dreamworks published recently not only a successor, but also a new game. Behind the name School of Dragons, however, is not a simple action adventure for consoles, but a real MMO, which invites film fans around the world for the common dragon taming.


Against the backdrop of the popular film universe, you will first become one of many dragon trainer and tries to become the best of all. But the path there is of course not a walk and so many challenges await you. After you find your protege, you must prove in numerous quests and train a lot. You will get the tasks mostly from well-known characters from the films you can find everywhere in School of Dragons hack online. These include, for example, “Hicks of the Huns” (in the original Hiccup) or Grobian (in the original Gobber).

In addition to the training of your dragon, you will also learn to fly, fish and farm in the dragon academy. The last two are important, because your dragon wants to be well nourished, if you want to measure yourself with the best kite. With almost every action in the world of School of Dragons, you get trainer points that symbolize your progress and get you closer to the next level rise. It also fills your money bag with gold, which you can invest in new clothes for your Avatar, as well as food and equipment for your kite. If you are not training or completing quests for other characters, you can practice alchemy, or compete with other players.

Technically, School of Dragons can of course not keep up with its template, which is not least because it is an MMO and the game on as many computers as an acceptable performance. But even without high-end graphics the optics catches the style of the films very well and fans recognize the surroundings and their heroes in any case again. Added to this is the fact that the game is always loosely with Pixar’s videos.

Anyone who liked the films, therefore, could take a look, especially because School of Dragons as a free to play title is completely free to play. The game is also suitable for younger kite tigers, although they should not play without supervision.

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