Increase Instagram followers: tips and tricks

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Social networks are very important, I have already told you about how to increase followers on Twitter , but today I want to talk to you about how to increase followers on Instagram . I do not teach you how to use Instagram , more than anything else I’ll tell you how to use tags , and some special trick and interesting to meet your goals, just a little ‘ perseverance and patience .

I confess that it took me a bit ‘of time to figure out that Instagram is a social network with the spectacular numbers , a place where not only will share meals, but much more . With a little ‘perseverance and patience you may be able to take advantage of this social network and achieve the main goal: to increase followers Instagram.

Increase Instagram followers: basic tools to use

A few days ago I asked how it was possible to increase instagram followers , that is why many users have thousands of followers even if the contents are really bad? Then I investigated and discovered many interesting things.

One of all is that if you can get at the time of the publication of a photo,  a large number of like finish in Instagram tips , this means popularity and a great opportunity to get more followers. For this experiment I started with followers 0 , after two days I find myself with 1200 followers continues to grow!

Today I want to give you a little guidance to achieve this objective and also of the tools that I have used in this process. Let’s see, therefore, how to increase followers on Instagram with patience and perseverance .

The time during which you post is very important, the questions that you have to make are:

  • Where are my users?
  • When I’m online my users?

Difficult to manually analyze these data and for this reason we want to recommend a free tool that will help you in this process:

  • Iconosquare : is one used by the computer tool that allows you to manage your account on Instagram directly from your computer. This does not mean that you can publish photos from your PC, it was not what I meant, but you can, however, leave comments and likes . It also gives you information on when to publish, got on like statistics, comments and much more, directly online, without paying a single euro!

Ok I say, but I can not stand mica to publish at that tells me this tool. Yes you can and you can do it with another tool that will allow you to set the posts and also alert you when is the best time to publish them:

  • TakeOff , is an app for very simple and intuitive smartphone. This application will not publish for you, but it will alert you when you have to do it with a notification so that you can not forget it!
  • Schedugram : it is a very simple tool to use and works from the desktop, allowing you to program the publications and also also allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts .The price of this tool is about $ 20 per month .
  • is a mobile app that allows you to program the post, as with TakeOff remind you post, you you click on the notification and you will automatically be published on Instagram.
  • TagsForLike : an app is very useful, allowing you to copy and paste hashtags more poplari in the description of your photos you post on Instagram.

Use tags to increase instagram followers with a little ‘patience and a lot of stubbornness

The last tool that I presented to you allows you to insert the tag , but what are they for? Definitely under a photo you’ve found an incredible amount of hashtags, these allow you to increase like your photograph and consequently followers.

For how stupid it may seem at first, the tag on Instagram affect your popularity. I originally did not use any hashtag, or rather he was using very few and they had (to me) a sense with the picture that I was publishing. Result? Very few I like, a few followers.

I continued to publish with determination, then I stopped and with a little ‘patience I have tried to understand the system and how to increase your followers on Instagram. I started to look for the right solution to flush out what were the best tag to use, then fortunately they came across TagsForLike .

But how to use hashtags? The amount is not important, that is not a factor that determines success or failure. There are people who talk about the right amount, others even say that the right amount is 11. I think that there is a real and proper limit, the application that I advised you will give you the straight right.

Increase Instagram followers: filters affect

Not just tags are important, but also the filters that apply to your photographs have their role. When you upload a photo you need to use some small attentions to maximize the power of this social network and thus achieve success. With a little ‘patience and stubbornness be able to increase followers on Instagram: do not give up.

The most popular filters can be discovered on this nice site that is called Top Hashtags , here pretty much see what is best to use and which not . Also choose not to use filters can be beneficial , what could do harm and use someone who is not popular or that it is not suitable to your photos. This site I told you about tells you, also, what are the most popular tags to use and much more.

Such as photographs work more on Instagram?

During my research process on how to view private instagram pictures, I asked myself: but what are the photographs that affect more on this social network and my followers? Here you have to use a real strategy content marketing , you have to publish not so much to do, but you have to understand your audience and give them what they want.

You can upload photos or videos, in my case I do is upload photos of my travels, of what I eat and inspirational phrases on SEO and Web Marketing. Moreover, even the public image of the books I’m reading, the events in which I participate, and much more. We exploit this social network a lot for Personal Branding .

If we talk about a company or a store I recommend to post photos to generate  brand awareness and humanize the brand.  An example? Photos of employees, workers, backstage, customer photos, etc.

You can do promotion with Instagram? Sure, why not? But I unfortunately I see brands and shops that are doing it in fatal way. You have to be creative.

Increase Instagram followers: tips and tricks

I told you what are the tools that I have personally used to start the process of increasing like , I must also tell you that you have to act with determination, otherwise it is useless to use these tools because you will not have success without determination and patience.

Another advice that I will give is to connect your Facebook account , you can take advantage of an initial boost to make sure that your friends on this social network to follow you. Automatically, when you connect Instagram to your profile Users will be notified and will probably start to follow you.

Continuing you should comment and put “like” the photo of the other, this will help you gain visibility and of course to get more followers. I personally use iconosquare to do it on the computer, so that when I have a bit ‘of time I try to tag the pictures and comment the ones I like.

In this way, and with these little tips, you can increase your followers on Instagram , but remember to use all your stubbornness and be patient.

Your opinion on how to increase followers on Instagram?

Ok, I told you as I do, but you have some further advice? Use some particular method to increase followers on instagram? Let me know your own with a comment! I also recommend you take a look at this course: Instagram on Fire!